• history

    GI&DI is leader in manufacturing women clothing and knitwear of middling-high quality with ACQUACHIARA trademark, 100% made in Italy.

    GI&DI has been on the knitwear market for over 20 years. The business is exclusively family run and the wise mastery and dedication of its members gives the company and the product the right quality image and market competitiveness. Our customer is a stylish and contemporary woman who demands flattering and wearable clothes at affordable prices.


    In our collection we've got it all from fashion to formalwear, casual to occasionwear, tall and petite range to wear our customer every time; we are in a position to satisfy the request of the customers that are following the new look trends.

    Our great attention to the details and our care about the originality improve the interest in our models, creating fashion clothes, including the oversize line, easy to sell and wearable by everyone. These characteristics have lead our products to become known and appreciated on the domestic and international market.

    Made in Italy

    All the manufacturing processes are carried out only and exclusively in italy, by expert hands, according to traditional workmanship handed down and improved by years of experience.


    GI&DI is synonymous of refined taste and Italian tradition. The quality is of necessary and undeniable importance. Each garment is designed and produced exclusively in Italy with rigorous tailorship criteria.

    The research for the quality begins with the primary material, with natural prestigious fabrics, which are carefully chosen: fabrics created with the finest yarns such as pure cachemire ,pure wool, mixed wool, mohair, all bought from the most important Italian spinning factories.

    Linking stage is carried out carefully and with high precision by team members which fill a valuable role. Our collections arise from our experience and tailorship tradition, having a modern and current style; they are suitable for all women who want to feel always young and at their ease with what they wear.

  • Where we are

    Acquachiara by Gi&Di s.r.l.
    via Salgari, 59 - Modena - Italy
    Telefono:+039 059 826825
    FAX:+039 059 820822
    E-mail: info@acquachiaramodena.com